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Looking for a unique team-building activity? Organise a street art workshop

Signs by Oner


Graffiti workshops are a great way to bring together your team in a fun and engaging way.


Whether you're looking for a way to bring your company closer together, or you want to explore the world of graffiti and street art with your children, Signs by Oner can help!


Our graffiti workshops in Ireland are designed around the needs of our clients. We provide an interactive experience that will challenge and inspire both kids and adults alike—and we'll make sure everyone has fun doing it! We offer everything from beginner-friendly classes for kids who want to learn about graffiti, to advanced training for adults who want to learn how to become graffiti artists.


We know how important it is for companies to work well together, and we want you to come out of our graffiti workshops feeling like you can do anything!


Organise graffiti art classes for an upcoming event or special occasion

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